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Sixteen years of grace.
Sixteen years of guidance.
Sixteen years of growth.

I think of all the blessings the Lord has given to me from 21 Sept 1996 to 21 Sept 2012. Truly, everything has been according to His plan. The people I've met have touched, impacted and changed me to be who I am today. The situations I've faced have made me stronger, wiser and more mature. The chances I've been given have allowed me to reach out and accomplish my purpose on this temporary home.

But there's more to come.

A birthday prayer I prayed, asking God for a word. More responsibilities are yet to come. More things are still to be done. More challenges are yet to be faced. More of God's love is yet to be shone. More. More. So much more.

Guide me through, O Lord, this is my prayer. So many things to face and I've gotta be strong for others and myself.

Thankful to all who contributed to my life in one way or another. Honestly expected a bit more from some of those I consider my closest friends. But when expectations don't meet reality is when you get disappointed. But it's okay. The friendship is the best gift I can receive from them.

Hold tight to His word. Let everything I say and do, point to You!

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Sixteen years of grace and counting

What has been the best present God has given me?

God has blessed me with so much, a good family, a good bunch of friends, talents, intelligence, daily needs and so much more. But out of all these, I think God has given me the best present, the gift of life. Jesus is my gift of life. By placing me in a Christian family, making LSK my Kindergarten and LSBC my church, allowing me to know more about His works and His plans for me. Jesus died for my sins so that I could be free. This is the best present I've received from God. :')

Central Equipping was planned to fall on my birthday. It dawned on me yesterday even as I considered whether to go or not. But I realised it would be such a joy for me to praise Him for what He has given me for the past sixteen years, how He's seen me through and will continue to see me through.

Gonna praise and thank Him for all my days of my life. :D

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Entering Your Holy Courts. Emptying my bagpack. Putting all these rocks at Your feet and into Your hands. Studies. Relationships. Friends. Love. Thoughts. Feelings. Turning away reminding myself not to take them back from God. Put His love and peace into the bag. Zip the bag. Smile. Walk out knowing that He'll handle it all.

Twice the flower impression came. Won't you bloom, Marilyn?


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Salts on fire

But He, knowing their thoughts, said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls. (Luke 11:17 NKJV)

And a zone divided against a zone falls as well. Issues we have to settle together. Shall we show mercy and forgiveness amongst us?

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Wow... 2011 is almost over already. This year was a hectic year I guess. Many things happened, good and bad, but what's most important is that I knew God was almost watching over me every step of the way.

It was a tough split. I remember leaning my back against the wall in Room 206 as Julia/Beatrice started reading out the names of the people who are in the two cells. I got a shock. A big shock. All the people I was close to weren't in my cell. So I just sat there as the rest of us started talking, not showing any emotion even though my throat was getting dryer.

Then Mildred asked across the room why I looked like I was about to cry. I remember sprinting to the toilet, slamming the cubicle door and then crying on the toilet seat. I asked God why. Why did I not get placed in the cell with all my good-er friends? I didn't like the arrangement. So far to the point where I really just did not want to go to church anymore. I remember praying and hoping that I would at least be placed in the same cell as Mil. But God had better plans.

This one year... It was tough. I really honestly envied the other cell for their numbers and I guess general atmosphere. They felt like the more crazy cell, the more fun cell, the cell with the love and all. And it wasn't easy scrolling through seesmic looking at all their cell conversations and blah without feeling like, left out. But I still grew to love my own cell anyway. We have our own quirks and that's what I love.

The grass always seems greener in the other lawn. But as I practiced for the Christmas musical with the song, I Know You're There, God reminded me that He's here. He has been here with me through every single cell meeting, every single cell bonding, every single time I'm scrolling through those tweets I hate. And He knows exactly how I'm feeling, even if I don't explain myself very well.

God will see me through this. He has seen me through one whole long year of change and He will continue to comfort me. I know You see me, Lord. I know. And I know that You have placed me in HF for a reason.

I love this zone. I really, truly, honestly, totally, love this zone. Because they're really the people who God has placed in my life to see me through all my difficulties. <3

There's nothing more to say except that Wisdom has been the best class for me!

This group of people... HAHAHA I don't even know how I should express this but okay you know I love you all. Zhen der.

I don't regret not taking Triple. Wisdom is the best class I could have ever asked for. ((:


3. From Vice-pres to Vice-pres
God is good, yknow. God does know that I would do better as a vp as compared to pres. It's just like... Yes I like to lead but I don't like to lead the leaders and be the head leader or something. I rather have somebody I can look up/ report to hehehe.

But well, thanks km. Despite everything that happened. Thanks. ((:

Well I guess those are the three major changes of 2011. I embraced them. Even though I really hate changes.

Overall, It was a good year because God didn't fail me, He didn't forget to wake me up, and most importantly He didn't leave my side but instead saw me through this long year!


And 2012 will be even better! Let's go~!